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dWallet Environment Setup

Fork the dWallet Network repository

To create a local dWallet Network repository:

  1. Go to the dWallet Network repository on GitHub.
  2. Click the Fork button to create a copy of the repository in your account.

Fork dWallet Network repo

  1. In your forked repository on GitHub, click the Code <> button and copy the HTTPS URL GitHub provides.

Copy URL

In your case it would be<YOUR-GITHUB-USERNAME>/dwallet-network.git

  1. Open a terminal or console on your system at the location you want to save the repository locally. Type git clone and paste the URL you copied in the previous step and press Enter.
  2. Type cd dwallet-network to make dwallet-network the active directory.

Be sure to synchronize your fork frequently to keep it up-to-date with active development.

Using dWallet from command line

You can interact with the dWallet network using the dWallet CLI. For more details about using the dWallet CLI, see Install dWallet reference.