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Alpha Testnet

A live version of the testnet will be available soon, follow us on Discord or Twitter to stay up to date. To join the incentivized testnet, apply on our website.

Disclaimer: This project is under development, and there are known bugs and issues that are being addressed. Additionally, in the testnet, the network secret shares of dWallets ARE NOT SECURE, and cannot be trusted to use with any real applications or assets. Please read the full section below before exploring the code.

Alpha Testnet Release

This is currently the alpha release of the dWallet Network Testnet. We're excited to have you join us as we introduce the composable modular signature network, and its noncollusive massively decentralized dWallets. Before you dive into the code and start testing our technology, please take a moment to read this important disclaimer:

  1. Alpha Stage: This release is an alpha version and has been made available for testing and development purposes only. It represents the very early stages of development, and as such, it may contain bugs, errors, and inconsistencies.
  2. Not Audited: The codebase for the dWallet Network is currently being audited internally, and has not been audited by any third-party security firms. We prioritize the security of our network and your engagement; however, the current stage of the project has not undergone the rigorous security checks that will be standard for later releases.
  3. Expect Breaking Changes: As we continue to refine and improve the dWallet Network, there will be breaking changes. These changes may affect your projects and code in significant ways. We will do our best to communicate these changes as they occur, but please be prepared to adapt your work accordingly.
  4. No Reliability: Given the alpha nature of this release, the dWallet Network should not be considered reliable for production use. Developers and users should not rely on this version with real applications or assets.
  5. Participation at Your Own Risk: Your participation in testing, developing, and exploring the dWallet Network is entirely at your own risk. We encourage community feedback and contributions, but please be aware of the potential issues and instabilities that may arise.
  6. Community-Driven Exploration: This release is aimed at fostering a community of developers and enthusiasts who are excited about dWallet technology. We encourage you to experiment, play around with the technology, and share your insights and feedback with the community. We are particularly interested in identifying bugs, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement. Please use the GitHub issues section to report any problems or suggestions you may have, but note that THERE WILL BE NO AIRDROP INCENTIVES ATTACHED TO SUBMITTING GITHUB ISSUES, so please avoid “issue farming”.

We are committed to improving the dWallet Network and moving towards a more stable and secure release with the help of our community. Thank you for being a part of this early stage of the dWallet Network. Your exploration and feedback are crucial to the network's development and success.